Tyne Esk LEADER is a funding stream for rural Midlothian and rural East Lothian.  This includes both regions apart from the urban centres of Dalkeith and Musselburgh. 

A map showing the eligible area is available here

The aim of LEADER is to increase support to local rural communities and business networks to build knowledge and skills.  LEADER also encourages innovation and co-operation in order to deliver local development objectives.

The funding for the current 2014-20 programme has almost been completely allocated. As of April 2019 we are no longer accepting Expressions of Interest.

Tyne Esk LEADER is based in Midlothian Council, the 'Accountable Body'.   It is however governed by the Local Action Group, a decision making body comprising members from Midlothian and East Lothian.  This includes representatives from community groups, rural businesses, voluntary sector organisations, agriculture; and advisors from local government and national agencies.

Local needs and objectives to be met by applicants have been determined by the Tyne Esk Local Development Strategy.  This was commissioned in 2014 to evaluate the area and outline the challenges faced by the rural community. Please also see our Business Plan outlining how the Local Action Group will disburse the money.

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LEADER is a bottom-up method of delivering support  to communities for rural development. It is part of the Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP) and is EU/Scottish Government funded.  It is a fund which operates across the EU.

The aim of LEADER is to increase support to local rural community and business networks to build knowledge and skills, and encourage innovation and cooperation in order to tackle local development objectives.

More information is available on the Scottish Rural Network website here


Tyne Esk LEADER Budget

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