Meadowmill Sports Centre hosted the launch of their new part Tyne Esk LEADER funded facilities on Saturday 23rd March 2019. 

This completes of phase one of a two phase programme to create a Community Hub.

The facilities comprise a weather-proof cover for the trackside seated area, a covered warm up stand and new pole vaulting facilities. 

The changes make things for more comfortable for participants and spectators, and mean Meadowmill is now the main centre for pole vaulting in eastern Scotland. 

The Community Hub will see their wide-reaching community engagement optimised, welcoming people of all ages and abilities and friends, families and supporters.

Applicant Stuart Donnelly of Team East Lothian commented:

“The support and input we’ve received from the whole Tyne Esk Leader team has been fantastic from our very first approach all the way through to completing the financial process.  I’m really pleased that we’ve been able to work together to complete the project and deliver something that we hope will help to inspire the whole East Lothian community to engage in athletics and improve their health and well-being.”

Our picture shows LAG Member and Provost of East Lothian Council John McMillan and LAG Vice Chair Anne Hastie displaying the Tyne Esk LEADER plaque.

TE Leader plaque for Team EL mar 19.JPG

Tyne Esk Leader Sponsor Logos

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