Maximise your farm income


Many farmers want to improve the resilience of their business by innovating or diversifying – but the level of investment required can be daunting.

Setting up a farm diversification is a good way to protect the future of your business with an extra income stream and gain a range of benefits which you don't often find in traditional farming.

This information and ideas event provides an opportunity to find out more about LEADER, hear from local farmers who have successfully undertaken diversification projects and talk to Farm Advisory Service and National Council of Rural Advisors. We can fill you in on the funding opportunities that you could be taking advantage of and you will be able to find out the latest criteria and timeline, as well as get expert advice and guidance.

Speakers will be presenting from the following areas with opportunity for Questions and Networking 

•Tyne Esk Leader Fund •Food, Manufacturing and Processing Cooperation Fund

•Farm Advisory Service, Land Management and Diversification opportunities

•SAC Consulting (a division of Scotland’s Rural College), Connect Local, Food and Drink Marketing Advisory Service

•Farm Diversification Case Study

•National Council of Rural Advisors

•Community Broadband Scotland

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      • No temporary break to the LEADER Programme
        The temporary break in the LEADER Programme that was due to take place following the UK Government’s Autumn Statement on the 23th November. We have just been informed that the Scottish Government will honour any grant commitments made over this period and so the pause we announced earlier will no longer apply. While we still do not know of an exact end date to the LEADER Programme, the Scottish Government have confirmed that they intend to honour grant commitments for the foreseeable future, which we anticipate being till spring 2019 at least. We have reinstated our application deadline of 5th December 2016 for a Local Action Group meeting in February 2017.
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      • Tyne Esk LEADER Website is launched
        We are very pleased to be able to launch a new website for the new Tyne Esk LEADER Programme. You are now able to find up to date information on the Tyne Esk LEADER 2014-2020 Programme such as the Local Development Strategy and Business Plan, details of the Local Action Group and of the LEADER staff team who are available to help applicants access the fund.

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