Leuchie House Project in Full Swing

On receiving the green light from Tyne Esk LEADER in October 2016, North Berwick respite care home Leuchie House set to recruiting their Volunteer Development Co-Ordinator who has now been in place since January 2017. 

This article highlights the achievements of the role for the first quarter of 2017. 

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A further 11 people have been recruited to Leuchie’s volunteer pool since January 2017,  4 of whom have been young people supporting with meal assisting, guest engagement and physiotherapy. 

Leuchie is building on its relationships with the local schools and engaging with Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce on Developing the Young Workforce to attract more young people to the programme. 

Volunteer Hours

For the first quarter of 2017, volunteers have pledged nearly 1150 hours in total, saving Leuchie £12,145. This is the equivalent of three full time members of the care team. 

Volunteer Coffee Morning

A coffee morning was held at the end of January to give existing volunteers the chance to meet the new Volunteer Co-ordinator. It also allowed them to meet each other, something they rarely get to do, and share their experiences of volunteering.  At this meeting, a survey was completed by volunteers on their experience of volunteering at Leuchie. The results are given below. 

The last section of the survey (Encouraging Development) is something which has improved drastically since last year when there was no volunteer co-ordinator but wish Leuchie are still keen to improve on.



Training and development

In line with Leuchie’s aim to be a learning organisation, Leuchie held the first of their volunteer training day in spring 2017.  This gave volunteers the opportunity to gain valuable skills in areas like meal assisting, empathy training and fire evacuation, all of which are vitally important in ensuring the welfare of guests.  Leuchie will continue to hold these regularly as the programme develops.



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