2018 Scottish Rural Awards nominations are open.

Nominations for the 2018 Scottish Rural Awards are now open and close on Friday 20th October 2017.

The Scottish Rural Awards are the ultimate benchmark of excellence in Scotland’s countryside – a celebration of the enterprise, innovation, dedication and community spirit of those who live in rural Scotland.

Anyone can nominate, choose which category you wish to enter and follow the instructions, there is a full list of categories and criteria available. 

For any queries regarding nominations, please call a member of the Scottish rural awards team on 0131 551 7919, or email info@scottishruralawards.org. You can also check their FAQ page for more information.

Tyne Esk LEADER are nominating enterprising and innovating projects and people throughout the range of Award categories.

Tyne Esk LEADER are able to provide funding for projects that will benefit communities and meet our Local Development Strategy, the themes being community cooperation and cohesion, economic development and enhanced environment. Individuals, groups, organisations and businesses have the opportunity to apply for funds covering Tyne Esk wide projects, rural enterprise and farm diversification projects.

Funding is also available for cooperation projects between Local Area Partnership areas in Tyne Esk and for projects between organisations or groups in Scotland, the UK or Europe.

If you have a project idea and looking for funding we encourage you to apply.


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      • No temporary break to the LEADER Programme
        The temporary break in the LEADER Programme that was due to take place following the UK Government’s Autumn Statement on the 23th November. We have just been informed that the Scottish Government will honour any grant commitments made over this period and so the pause we announced earlier will no longer apply. While we still do not know of an exact end date to the LEADER Programme, the Scottish Government have confirmed that they intend to honour grant commitments for the foreseeable future, which we anticipate being till spring 2019 at least. We have reinstated our application deadline of 5th December 2016 for a Local Action Group meeting in February 2017.
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        We are very pleased to be able to launch a new website for the new Tyne Esk LEADER Programme. You are now able to find up to date information on the Tyne Esk LEADER 2014-2020 Programme such as the Local Development Strategy and Business Plan, details of the Local Action Group and of the LEADER staff team who are available to help applicants access the fund.

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