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The Tyne Esk LEADER 2014-20 Programme is now closed. 

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Types of Project Funded

Tyne Esk LEADER were able to fund a wide variety of project types, including revenue and capital projects as long as the project helped to deliver the objectives in the Tyne Esk Local Development Strategy.  We had ring-fenced funds for farm diversification and rural enterprise projects as well as cooperation projects where applicants were working with another Local Action Group in Scotland or elsewhere in Europe.

The themes of the Tyne Esk Local Development Strategy 2014-21 were community cooperation and cohesion, economic development and enhanced environment.  Project types funded included community facility development projects, business development, particularly in the priority sectors of tourism, food and drink and scientific research, projects to improve the built environment, improving access to green spaces, developing tourist attractions, projects to market businesses or sectors or organising and holding events.

Other Funding

Tyne Esk LEADER funded up to a maximum intervention rate of 60%. Applicants had to provide match funding of 40%. 

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