How to Apply

If you have a project idea that you think fits with the outcomes of the Local Development Strategy, you should follow the steps below to application.

1.  Submit an Expression of Interest on the Scottish Rural Network website.  This is a short form and so should not take too long to complete.

2.  A member of the Tyne Esk LEADER staff team will contact you to set up a visit to discuss the project further and take you through the application forms and process.

3.  Complete the application form and submit it before the deadline.

We are very happy to answer any queries about the process or about Tyne Esk LEADER at any time.

Application Deadlines

Application deadlines with an indication of LAG decision meeting dates are given below.  The time between the application deadline and LAG decision meeting gives us time to work with you to finalise your application and organise a LAG site visit.

Deadline  4th December 2017         LAG Meeting - 8th February 2018

                  5th March 2018                                            9th August 2018

                  3rd September 2018                                   1st November 2018

                  3rd December 2018                                    14th March 2019

Please Note

Tyne Esk LEADER funding is very competitive and we receive a large number of Expressions of Interest.  With the final date of March 2020  approaching these numbers will keep increasing until we allocate all our funds.  The number of applications which can be dealt with at each round will depend on the capacity of the staff team at that time and may vary.  Once you have submitted your Expression of Interest we will endeavour to communicate when the next possible submission date for your application will be, but if we have not done so please check this with us.  Please contact us if you wish to discuss further.




Types of Project we Might Fund

Tyne Esk LEADER are able to fund a wide variety of project types including revenue and capital projects as long as the project helps to deliver the objectives in our Local Development Strategy (available here).  We have ring-fenced funds for farm diversification and rural enterprise projects as well as cooperation projects where applicants are working with another Local Action Group in Scotland or elsewhere in Europe.

The themes of the Tyne Esk Local Development Strategy are community cooperation and cohesion, economic development and enhanced environment.  Some project types that we might be able to fund are community facility development projects, business development, particularly in the priority sectors of tourism, food and drink and scientific research, projects to improve the built environment, improving access to green spaces, developing tourist attractions, projects to market businesses or sectors or organising and holding events.

Other Funding

Tyne Esk LEADER will only fund up to a maximum intervention rate of 60% though so applicants will need match funding or LEADER may not be the most appropriate funder for your project.  The Scottish Rural Network maintains an up-to-date database of over 1000 funders that is free to access here, which you can use to either source match funding or core funding for your project.  Please feel free to contact us and we may be able to advise on funders for your project as well.

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