Rural Communities Development Fund

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How to Apply

Key Dates



12th June                Fund opens:  Expression of Interest Forms (EoI) on website should be completed and submitted

26 June                   EoI Forms close at midnight                               ​​​​​

7th July                   Round 1 Applications open 

24th July                 Applications close at midnight

8th August              LAG Meeting and  Offer of Grant letters issued

22nd August             Round 2 Applications open 

5th September        Applications close at midnight

27th September      LAG Meeting and Offer of Grant letters issued


28 February             ALL PROJECTS MUST BE FULLY COMPLETED by this date 

 31 March                All funding must be paid out before this date 


Funding is limited and therefore restricted to:

Revenue Expenditure: maximum £10,000

Essentially purchase of goods, products (e.g. laptops, mobile phone) & services.

Revenue funding is where there is no lasting asset. For example, revenue funding can be used to put on events, performances and activities, pay for the running costs of an organisation or pay for trips and excursions.

Capital Expenditure: min £5,000 and maximum £30,000

Capital expenditure is considered to be;

  • Purchase of Capital Assets
  • Construction of new buildings/facilities
  • Improvement to/expansion of existing buildings/facilities including;
  • Purchasing equipment, fixtures and fittings linked to the eligible project activity
  • Improving land, for example landscaping works, playgrounds etc.
  • Altering, refurbishing or extending a building you already own or lease

Funding Areas

The funding covers the rural areas of East Lothian and Midlothian.  The urban centres of Musselburgh and Dalkeith are excluded with the exception of Wallyford and Whitecraig and Dalkeith Country Park,