Rural Communities Development Fund

Local Action Group

The current T&E LAG has 9 Members, with a Co-Chair in place, as nominated in the April 2024 election

The LAG Members percentage of representation are as follows:

• 66% male and 34% female

• 33.3% public sector, 33.3% business and 33.3% community

The coverage and representation on the current LAG is:

Co-Chair LAG

East Lothian Resident

East Lothian Rural Economy Group Chair/farming representative/private individual

LAG Members Community /Business/Third Sector:

• East Lothian business owner/ex-applicant.

• Farming agent covering Midlothian and East Lothian / ex applicant.

• North Berwick Coastal Area Partnership Chair/community representative.

• East Lothian community member/ Farmer/ex-applicant.

LAG Members Public Sector:

• Edinburgh College

• Elected members from Midlothian and East Lothian Council’s.

How do I become a LAG Member? CLICK HERE


The LAG is strengthened with the addition of (non-voting) Observers attending with additional knowledge that is brought to meetings and discussions.

The coverage and representation on the current LAG is:

• The Economic Development lead for both LAs

• East Lothian Corporate Policy Manager

· Midlothian Corporate Policy Manager

• The Midlothian Community Planning Partnership (CPP) third sector partnership lead.

• East Lothian TSI.