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 Tyne Esk LEADER is an EU rural development fund covering rural Midlothian and East Lothian.  Please watch the short video above to see the range of projects we have funded.

We are nearing the end of the Programme and are delighted to share our results with you!

Tyne Esk Infographic.jpg £2,450,625 funding allocated to Tyne Esk

£3,494,219 match funding leveraged

Every £1 LEADER spent has brought in £1.43 additional funds

42 projects creating 62 jobs @ April 2020


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Tyne Esk LEADER Projects

tyne esk leader project map

Want to know more about our projects?
Check out Our Projects.

The finished Aution Mart in East Linton

The finished Auction Mart in East Linton

The Rocketeer in North Berwick

The Rocketeer in North Berwick

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